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Due to the pandemic we are offering our program to all users. Check out our Amigos' profiles and schedule a video chat! 

Our Amigos are talented youngsters from Latin America who would love to connect with you and have a video call in Spanish!

Your Language Amigo chat will be a 20 min video call. It's the perfect time to practice Spanish and share cultural experiences! Please note that you must have basic conversational skills because all 20 minutes will be in Spanish.

Amigos available for current program:

Santiago Amaya

Manizales, Colombia

I am a modern languages student and a children’s teacher graduated from a Normal School.

My favorite part of teaching is the way it allows me to exchange knowledge and experiences with many people.

Besides languages and teaching, I love animals. Making crafts and planting are two of my favorite hobbies.

Jeimy Miranda

Bogotá, Colombia

I am a modern languages student (Spanish, English, and French).

I strongly believe in the power of education and I think that teaching can help build a better world.

I love to meet people, read, watch movies and series, music. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Juan Pablo García

Manizales, Colombia

I am a modern languages student and participate in an opera group. 

Languages are fascinating. Opera offers me everything I love: music, theater, dance, singing. It also demands me to keep evolving.

I like to spend time with my family and friends, as well as knitting and jogging

All our Amigos:

Alejandra Ospina

Bogotá, Colombia

I am a forestry engineering student.

I love the forest as it is a place full of life. I enjoy going there for long hikes and contemplate its magic. It plays a crucial role for climate change and for helping communities in my country. 

I like reading, music, walks, and movies.

Michael Rico

Bogotá, Colombia

I am a civil engineering student and a kid’s entertainer in my spare time. 

I love being an engineering student as it builds my social and personal development.

I like music, series and movies. I enjoy learning about and visiting new places and spending time with my family.

Alejandro Méndez

Bogotá, Colombia

I am a film student and part of a project to promote Bogotá's culture.

Film allows me to understand my human condition from a collective perspective. It allows me to connect with different cultures around the world.

I love walking to see new places, dancing, and foreign languages.

Ricardo Bernal

Bogotá, Colombia

I am a modern languages student

I am passionate about languages because they are unique ways to connect with the, culture, knowledge, and history that surrounds us. Languages are alive and  help us understand ourselves and those around us.

I love music, arts, and exploring nature.

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Brian Bolívar

Bogotá, Colombia

I am a cadastral and geodesy engineering student. I lead a research project about geographical information systems.

I love space, to get to know from the sky the geographical space where we live.

I like to travel on my motorcycle. About once a month I visit a new place in Colombia.

Santiago Leal

Villavicencio, Colombia

I am an environmental engineer and entrepreneur. I founded  "Teach You Soluciones Educativas"

My dream is to find an effective hands-on approach to teach kids in schools about environmental education. 

I love music and design. I enjoy playing guitar and singing