Creating Opportunities Through the

Power of Language

Why we exist

Spanish is the second most studied language in the world.  In the UK and the US alone there are over 2,500 universities that teach Spanish. However, when their Spanish students reach a certain level they feel stuck. Over 90% of them lack opportunities to practice their conversational skills with native speakers in an informal and practical setting; hence they can’t improve their level of fluency. We call this group 'Learners'.


Realizing this market opportunity and using available technology, Language Amigo creates flexible job opportunities for Latin American talented low income college students. We call this group 'Amigos'

What we do

Language Amigo connects, through video calls,  language Learners, with native speaking Amigos. We offer our platform to universities that already teach Spanish and integrate it into their class curriculum to enhance the fluency and cultural experience of their intermediate and advance Spanish language students.

Language Amigo creates flexible job opportunities for Amigos, and flexible practice for Learners.

‘It's not a robot, It's an Amigo’

'We aspire to connect the world through the power of language and human-to-human communication'



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