Creating Opportunities Through the

Power of Language

Why we exist


Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world. Currently, there are more than 21 million people studying Spanish. They often lack opportunities to practice their conversational skills and do not always have access to speak with natives speakers. We call this group 'Learners'.


In Latin America, there are over 100 million of young people looking for flexible economic opportunities. They're thrilled to share their culture and language with foreigners. We call this group 'Amigos'.

What we do


We connect, through video calls, language “Learners,” who want to practice conversational Spanish, with native speaking “Amigos,” who wish to gain flexible income opportunities. Unlike similar tools currently available, our Amigos are youth in Latin America who are trained and certified in our program. Learners can use our platform as an educational and networking service to practice their conversational Spanish in a convenient, flexible way.


‘It's not a robot, It's an Amigo’


We offer Language Amigo to Universities, Schools and Companies, to integrate it in to their current Spanish classes to improve the learning experience, fluency, and cultural awareness of their students.


'We aspire to connect the world through the power of language and human-to-human communication'




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