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Our Amigos are talented youngsters from Latin America who would love to connect with you and have a video call in Spanish!

Your Language Amigo session will be a 20 min video call. It's the perfect time to practice Spanish and share cultural experiences! Please note that you must have basic conversational skills because all 20 minutes will be in Spanish.

To schedule a session contact us with your Amigo and time preferences and we will arrange the session.

Amigos' profiles:

Bogotá, Colombia

Classic guitar student and guitar private lessons teacher

Movies, football (soccer), friends

Adrián Álvarez

Bogotá, Colombia

Cadastral and Geodesy Engineering student

Traveling, dancing, meeting new friends

Brian Bolívar

Daniela Valdivia

Guadalajara, México

Administrative assistant in a technology company

Dancing, reading

Manizales, Colombia

Modern Langauges student

Walk, go out with friends, meet and learn from new languages ​​and cultures

Juan Pablo García

Villavicencio, Colombia

Environmental Engineering student 

Watch movies and take pictures

Santiago Leal

Bogotá, Colombia

Forestry Engineeringe student

Read, listen to music, walks, and movies

Alejandra Ospina

Guadalajara, México

Marketing student  and works  part-time

Movies, exercise -swimming, friends

Brayan Araujo

Guadalajara, México

Administration student and part-time job

Exercise, read, knit, go out with my friends and watch movies

Ivonne Venegas

Bogotá, Colombia

Civil engineering student

Learn, share, help, dance, sports

Michael Rico

Manizales, Colombia

Modern Languages student 

Passionate about art. Knowledge in the artistic field

Yanzara Valencia

Bogotá, Colombia

Architecture student  and part-time job as office assistant.

Movies, exercise -swimming, friends

Alejandro Méndez

Guadalajara, México

Civil Engineering student

Drawing, reading, volunteering

Carlos Tinajero

Bogotá, Colombia

Modern Langauges student

Meet people, read and write

Jeimy Miranda

Bogotá, Colombia

Modern Langauges - English student

Music, reading, drawing, videogames, going out

Ricardo Bernal

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